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nikos kazantzakis

Freedom and death

kapetan mixalis or captain michalis poster VFX Lupos images

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Freedom or Death by Nikos Kazantzakis is a novel on the heroic or epic scale about the rebellion of the Greek Christians against the Turks on the island of Crete, where Kazantzakis was from. The story follows the exploits of a Greek: Captain Michalis and his blood brother, Nurey Bey, a Turk, through war, love , friendship, hatred and a backdrop of the island of Crete with all its beauty, drama, joy and sadness. This book was unanimously praised by critics worldwide as the work of a master with characters that come to life and destined to live forever.

Featured Work

Lupos Images team, delivered for this feature film,more than 230 VFX shots in a short period of 4 months


​Every form of art serves a purpose. To convey the creator's philosophy or vision, to demolish a status and to born new ideas, but mostly to inspire other people. Not for just 20 seconds that a TVC lasts or 2.5 hours of the duration of a film. On the contrary, to inspire and shape ideas for many years to follow. Art at all forms is there to create a legacy that will have an impact on the future generations. A timeless piece of human creativity that sparks emotions and feelings to the viewer, makes the human brain stimulated and influenced in due course of life. Amazing pictures, beautifully crafted, with love, enthusiasm and unlimited imagination for the today's audiences as well as for the future generations.  At Lupos Images, with our work, we support the artists who want to create memorable art scenes. Our intention and reason of existence is to contribute to director's work to clearly and successfully pass the message to the audience by creating outstanding VFX that serves that purpose. Behind each perfect result and great artistic work, there is hard work coherent to budget, punctual planning, long working hours around the clock and inspiration. We are here to achieve perfect results and help you to visualize your idea. Vasileios Andriopoulos Lupos Images

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